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Melinda J. Maxfield. Writer. Costume Designer. Cosplay Artist. SpaceFairy. Arbonne Consultant.

Hi, I’m Melinda…

flutterina*Massive 2011 Update* I now officially hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary) from the Queensland University of Technology (Graduated 2010). As part of my multi-disciplinary degree, I sub-majored in Creative & Professional Writing, Business Entrepreneurship, and Television.

I am a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Costume Designer & Cosplay Artist, Website Designer, and Independent Arbonne Consultant. I recently appeared on the cover of a magazine which showcased my skills in Digital Art, and I used to teach a couple of Intro to Multimedia classes at university. I love bright colours, rich textures, and sparkly things. I adore cute animals and Japanese ‘kawaii’ inspired pop culture. I’m addicted to latin dancing, and as an avid SciFi fan, I am a total geek (!) I also identify myself as an adult ‘Indigo Child’. I have my own Youtube channel, and spend a fair amount of time on Facebook, from where I plot my SpaceFairy World Domination. I am soon returning to T.A.F.E. college to undertake a Diploma of Fashion Design, because that’s currently where my biggest passion lies (who knew creating costumes and unique clothing could be so much fun?!) I kind of have my own creative, arty thing going on here, but as far as other “jobs” and previous career choice goes, you can see what I got up to in a former life, in my resume. (More links soon, I’m currently in the midst of updating…)